Date Title Link
19/10/2018 Monnalisa signs an agreement with MEI.COM
12/10/2018 Monnalisa lands at the Philadelphia “King of Prussia” Mall
30/09/2018 Board of Directors approves half-year financial report
27/09/2018 Monnalisa Half Time Conference Kt&Partners
04/09/2018 Monnalisa Group’s preliminary sales
30/07/2018 Monnalisa presents its Annual Report 2017
24/07/2018 Pubblication of the Calendar of the company’s events
24/07/2018 Monnalisa goes into overdrive in retail
12/07/2018 First day of trading of ordinary shares of Monnalisa SpA on AIM Italia
01/06/2018 Monnalisa initiates the listing process