The commitment to sustainability has become a dominant macro-trend, also following the evolution of consumer preference systems, which include and will increasingly include these issues in their choice processes.

This is great news for Monnalisa, which has not incorporated sustainability into its strategy simply because “it is fashionable in fashion”, but as a result of a path undertaken for over twenty years now.

CEO Christian Simoni

What we stand for

The Monnalisa Group has always been committed to pursuing a management based on ethics and integrity in carrying out its activities and in relations with all its stakeholders.

The People we care about

Human capital is the set of skills and relationships that are established between the people who operate in the core business of a company. It is from this type of capital that the culture of the group derives, at the base of any organization.

The planet we treasure

For Monnalisa the sense of responsibility to the new generations is strongly felt. For this reason, it is constantly committed to promoting actions in order to minimize the impact of its activities on natural resources and climate change.

The Community We Belong To

Sustainability is first of all taking care of those around us. This is the reason why the Monnalisa Foundation was born, from the desire of the Iacomoni family to deal with situations of social vulnerability that emerge from the territory.

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