The community we belong to

Sustainability is first of all takes care of each others. Monnalisa, bond with its local and not area and community,  is part of a number of organisations and associations, in order to contribute to various areas of dialogue and development, ranging from training to business development and social responsibility:

Fondazione Monnalisa

Since 2007, the Iacomoni family founds the Fondazione Monnalisa to intervene in situations of social vulnerability emerging from the territory. Over time, the Foundation has become a real community project to pursue the improvement of the quality of life of the local community and the strengthening of solidarity between those who live and work in the area by supporting and contributing to the financing of causes suggested by the community itself. From a body created by the contributions of the founding members, the Foundation has evolved to become a real community.

Among the projects promoted:

  • In 2021, the Foundation confirmed its continuing commitment to educational projects, strengthening important partnerships; among these, he Arezzo Ethic Academy, establishing an ethical accelerator of youth entrepreneurship in Arezzo, now in its second year, obtained important European Community recognition by winning an award under the funding call entitled Make SENSE (Social Entrepreneurship for School Education), allowing the accelerator to continue operating locally, and exchange best practices with similar projects in other European countries.
  • Continued support was provided in helping develop the musical skills of children in situations of economic or social vulnerability.
  • the Monnalisa Foundation also contributed to female empowerment by providing free professional tailoring skills courses and materials, including fabric and equipment, to female local immigrants.

Fondazione Solidas

It’s a local area association of Confindustria, the Italian employers’ federation, in order to help bridge the gap between the business and the non-profit world. Together with businesses, the foundation develops projects to promote corporate sustainability in the Italian marketplace. Sodalitas member companies are united by the decision to do business according to socially and economically innovative principles in order to promote responsible and sustainable competitiveness, and to contribute to the development of an inclusive, equitable and cohesive society (www.sodalitas. it).

Sviluppo Pratacci 

Consortium: brings companies operating in the Arezzo industrial area together to work on the redevelopment, improvement and maintenance of the Pratacci urban area to the benefit of the individual companies.

SMI (Sistema Moda Italia)

One of the world’s largest organisations representing textile and fashion industrialists. SMI’s activities contribute to making textiles and fashion one of the most economically important sectors of Italian industry.

During 2022, considering the worsening of the Ukrainian situation and confirming Monnalisa’s social sensitivity, the Company made a special donation to support the needs of Ukrainian children with a donation of more than 1,000 items to refugee children. This charitable action was in line with the social commitment of the Group, similarly to the action of manufacturing protective masks for the public administration and the paediatric ward of Monnalisa’s home city of Arezzo, from the very outset of the COVID-19 emergency.

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