SA8000 Certification

The will to improve internal processes, the unceasing search for customer satisfaction, the guarantee to safeguard work, have brought us to introduce the system of Integrated management of quality and social responsibility, in accordance with the requisites of SA 8000 norms. Aspects such as competence of people, innovative capacity and relationships have growing relevance for enterprises. These intangible resources acquire even more value for a company such as Monnalisa, for which creativity, reliability and the partnership with clients and suppliers are the main factors of its success, as well as also caring for the local community.

What drives Monnalisa’s activity is to maintain, and if possible to improve, the quality standards of the products manufactured and offered on the market to guarantee the certainty of the stakeholder of finding a reliable, incisive and dynamic partner.

Obtaining the  certifications requires tenacity, resources, capacity to question work procedures, a commitment that only few clothing companies have been able to face up till today. We have obtained the certifications, proof our will to improve ourselves, to offer a more efficient service/product, appropriate for the needs of our clients and of those who will want to meet us every day.


The norm represents the first international standard applied to CSR; its application is on a voluntary basis, it entails the respect of a series of minimum requirements, in terms of human and social rights, the conformity to which undergoes a third party evaluation, this means that it is the object of evaluation by an independent external organism, accredited for the issue of the related certification.

The SA8000 norm proposes the expression of the requisites that must be respected in the work place, concerning workers’ rights, working conditions and the management system. The regulatory elements of the standard are based on the national Law, the International Laws on Human Rights and the ILO agreements.

The SA8000 certified company proves that it operates by respecting human rights, without using under-age workers nor forced labour, that it guarantees the conditions for the protection of the health and safety of workers and to acknowledges their rights, while abstaining from discriminatory behaviour, guaranteeing work hours, salary levels and eventual regular disciplinary procedures, while respecting the right to collective negotiation of contracts and freedom of association.

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