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Letter from the president Piero Iacomoni

As I write this introductory letter in fulfilment of my duties as Chairperson of the Board of Directors, I am filled with a great sense of pride when I think about the progress Monnalisa has made and continues to make on the important topic of sustainability. Twenty-five years ago, the concept of sustainability was somewhat hazy to me, but it managed to sway me nevertheless, appealing to a decent family man and entrepreneur with the legitimate ambition of making a difference during his time on earth. Sustainability – i.e., the commitment we make to leave to our children and grandchildren resources that are at the very least equal to the ones we enjoyed ourselves – is a high-profile and ethical objective that guides the daily actions of myself and my colleagues, and goes hand in hand with a respect for people, the environment, and society as a whole.

Monnalisa embraces economic sustainability (the figures will demonstrate that we are on the right track in this regard after proving our resilience in the face of the pandemic), social sustainability (in terms of lawfulness, diversity and inclusion, and equal opportunities), and environmental sustainability, thanks to certified processes across all production and trading divisions. I cannot write about social responsibility and sustainability without talking about the local area. Fifty years ago I drafted an internationalisation policy in the hope of giving wings to Monnalisa.

And I can say for certain that the huge strides we have taken since then are thanks to our roots, which are firmly planted in the local area in which our families live and prosper. Our respect and gratitude for them inspires all of our values and principles. So, let us continue to make progress, with the ethics and responsibility for which we are well known as a leader in our industry. The future comes more easily to those who cherish their roots. 

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