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Letter from CEO Christian Simoni

In view of the recent dramatic geopolitical events, arising at a time when the global pandemic was improving but had not yet been overcome, it appears clear that the new normal for entrepreneurs – for those with a strategic vision and seeking to execute development plans – is increasingly based on the certainty of uncertainty.

As such, it is equally obvious that resilience, strategic flexibility, an ability to anticipate, creativity in imagining new solutions, readiness, responsiveness, and adaptability are more than ever essential skills for the continuity and renewal of the Company’s success over time, particularly where centring on a solid, rooted and mature approach to sustainability. Safe in the knowledge that this mix is at the core of our governance and our talent and has allowed us to quickly develop our business system, I am confident in the Company’s future and consider the excellent results achieved in 2021 to highlight this. I am very satisfied with the significant and progressive recovery of earnings and the new projects we are rolling out.

I am particularly pleased with the steps we have taken on sustainability, reflected also in the ESG rating awarded to us in early 2022, and by the publication of this Non-Financial Statement (NFS), which we have published on a voluntary basis, subject to assurance. This is a major milestone, and I would like to thank you all for your efforts, especially those of you who have accompanied us on this journey over the years and who have agreed to contribute to the future growth of our Company culture in the name of innovation, transparency, and sustainability.

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