Supplier code of conduct

Each and every Monnalisa garment is designed and carefully assessed also in terms of health and safety, all the more important considering that children are the end-users. To this end, all product health and safety aspects are formally stipulated in the relationship with suppliers through the Supplier Code of Conduct, which forms an integral part of the supply contract. Thus, on signing the Code of Conduct, the supplier undertakes to comply with the principles espoused by the purchasing company.

The Supplier Code of Conduct, in addition to the requirements of SA8000, includes clauses relating to the environment, the 231/01 Model, product safety, and the protection of company know-how. All Monnalisa supply contracts include clauses on work practices and social, environmental and sustainability aspects. All suppliers are required to comply with SA8000 requirements and the provisions of the Monnalisa Code of Conduct. In signing a supply contract, of which the code represents a clause, the supplier undertakes to ensure the implementation of the code and to accept any inspection visits aimed at verifying its correct implementation.

Monnalisa recognises the importance of all relationships established with its suppliers in the value generation process, and therefore is committed to promoting such relationships based on transparency and fairness, in order to guarantee the right conditions for the creation of products that can compete profitably on the market.

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