Human Capital

Human capital encompasses the set of skills and relationships between people working within a company. Constituting the foundation of the organisation, it is from this form of capital that the culture of the entire group descends.

Our team, our strength

the distinctive characteristics of the team are passion, professional competence, reliability and a sense of belonging. The Company fully supports its employees throughout their working lives, listening to their needs, promoting their skills and personal growth, and helping them to progress in careers designed to develop their competences and talents. Monnalisa is committed to creating a dynamic work environment that constantly stimulates the desire to learn and develop, balances the spheres of life and work, promotes initiatives to protect health and safety, and effectively prevents and remedies any conflicts that might harm a healthy and positive working environment.

People represent the most important asset for the Monnalisa of today, and for the development of the Monnalisa of tomorrow. The Human Resources department works with General Management to develop the potential of personnel through training and internal policies focused on people’s needs in synergy with the needs of the Company.

Personnel are selected through continuous collaborations with universities and specialist educational institutions, with an openness to new figures, outside of traditional search processes, for purpose of creating networks of relations and opportunities for the exchange of ideas.

Monnalisa’s strong roots in its local community yet international outlook assure it stable foundations and continued growth as a company that is stimulating for all professional profiles and that offers opportunities for horizontal growth and continuous development of knowledge and skills.

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