The supply chain

The production process is mainly carried using an industrialised methodology, that is using independent third-party contractors exclusively for garment production and processing phases, excluding cutting, which is performed internally. A commercial production method is also used, i.e. the direct procurement of finished products. In both cases, the third-party manufacturers operate under the strict supervision of Monnalisa, which defines the procedures for the assignment of production batches and product realisation times, and implements quality control checks.

Monnalisa’s collaborations with its main suppliers are based on the principle of creating a long-term partnership through shared objectives and tools for the identification of professional solutions of quality and efficiency, and the achievement of results of mutual satisfaction. 

The quality of this process is demonstrated by the continuity and stability of the relationships that the Company has established with its main suppliers. Monnalisa tends to favour those suppliers with which it jointly collaborates on research, development and experimentation. With such companies, Monnalisa establishes a strong relationship that tends to be continuous and stable over time.

Monnalisa, in the management of its supply chain, adopts an active collaboration approach with its suppliers, going beyond its own corporate boundaries to work on upstream activities oriented to suppliers, and downstream activities, oriented to customers. The company has thus forged relationships of collaboration and trust with stakeholders. Thus a network of companies has been created, which, by working together for the same purpose, is able to deliver greater added value for the products and services offered to customers, and reductions in supply times and costs, thus guaranteeing better competitiveness in the marketplace. The goal is to move towards a supply chain management that involves all companies in the cycle, both upstream and downstream, precisely because such collaboration is strategic for the acquisition of a competitive advantage in the market.

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