Monnalisa’s responsibility towards the environment also translates into the management of its infrastructures, in an energy efficiency perspective.

Starting from 2016, activities were carried out to replace the existing lighting systems with LEDs in the main offices and, where necessary, in the Italian sales points.

The new logistics center,operational since 2018, covers an area of approximately 2,200 square meters and has been designed so that the environment is perfectly illuminated in all its areas. Divided into 4 levels, it allows semi-automatic aerial handling of garments. Through the WMS (Warehouse Management System) software customized and integrated with ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), productivity is improved compared to the past and maximum operational flexibility is guaranteed on all process activities. The packaging line made up of 6 stations and 1 wetting machine for gummed paper, makes it possible to make the packaging 100% recyclable.

In 2018, two cutting-edge cutting machines in all respects were replaced at the operational headquarters in Civitella Val di Chiana, with very high levels of productivity, without neglecting energy savings and the related environmental impact. In fact, they are equipped with A + Gold energy certification. In fact, they are equipped with A + Gold energy certification.

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