Monnalisa constantly seeks quality, originality and innovation of its products. For this reason, particular attention is paid to the selection of the raw materials to be used. In light of the emerging challenges in the area of environmental and social responsibility, Monnalisa is committed to introducing materials with a lower impact into its collections, through the search for new and alternative solutions. Equally important for Monnalisa is to guarantee a product in line with the most stringent chemical and mechanical safety standards. For this reason, since 2019 it has its own specifications that its suppliers of raw materials and finished products must comply with, which includes a Product Restricted Substances List (PRSL) and performance and physical-mechanical requirements among the most restrictive currently in force.

In the year 2021, Monnalisa launched an activity to assess the aspects of sustainability and circularity relating to the fabrics used, with the aim of planning its own roadmap of material circularity for the future. The analysis was differentiated between the summer and winter collection. It emerged that the largest percentage of fabrics used in the year are bio-based derived from biomass.

It emerged that in both the summer and winter collections, respectively 11% and 8% of the materials are covered by OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 certification, which guarantees that the textile products do not contain or release substances harmful to human health. In addition, in the summer collection, 0.40% of the fabrics are in possession of GOTS certification, which guarantees the origin of the fiber from organic farming.

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